Case Study: Independent Validation

Test Overview

Independently Tested By Michael Stenstrom, Distinguished Ucla Engineering Professor, World-Renowned For Research In Aeration Technologies

Key Findings

  • ScanOxy™ nanobubbles achieve over 85% oxygen transfer efficiency in any depth
    Vs. best-in-class of 2-3% per foot of water
  • ScanOxy™ nanobubbles delivers 8 Kg. of O2/ HP-Hr
    Vs. best-in-class of 8 lbsof O2/ HP-Hr
  • ScanOxy™ nanobubbles exhibit an Alpha Factor > 1
    Alpha Factors for conventional aeration: 0.4-0.6
  • ScanOxy™ nanobubbles achieves 20% increase in dissolved oxygen 24 hours after aeration
    Indicates nanobubbles increase gas holding capacity of water