Nanobubble Oxygenation

Nano bubble oxygenation systems:

Nanobubble technology – a paradigm shift in aquaculture industry.

ScanAqua´s engineering and development department can offer a complete solution for oxygenation and aeration. This involves complete and tailor made systems for oxygenation by use of nanobubble technology customized for the aquaculture industry. Nanobubble technology is considered one of the main steps in the ongoing fish farming industry evolution. The benefits of the nanobubble technology is significant, both for the growth and welfare of the fish, as well as for the cost/profit side of the fish farming operation.

The presence of gas in a liquid is normally known as bubbles. Bubbles elevates to the surface, and bursts, with gas disappearing into the atmosphere. Nanobubbles is something very different, due to their microscopic size, and physical and chemical properties. One very important feature is their neutral buoyancy, preventing them from elevating to the surface and disappear into the atmosphere. Nanobubbles are distributed into the whole water column, and remain stable for up to three months. This is especially beneficial in recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS).

When nanobubbles eventually collapse, they release hydroxyl radicals which is one of the strongest antioxidants known to mankind. Hydroxyl is used to treat water with strong and resistant pollutions, hydrogen sulfide, ammonia or for killing bacteria. In tanks at RAS -facilities it can be used for eliminating biofilm and other pollutions/impurities.

Nanobubbles can not be detected by the human eye, you need a laser which reflects off the surface of the nanobubble. Due to their negatively charged surface, they don’t cluster. This feature enables nanobubbles to attract polluting particles from the water and bind them together, allowing the biofilters to filtrate also these pollutions from the water.

Oxygenation of water using our nanobubble technology is significantly more efficient than any other solution presently in the market. Standard generators typically dissolves 17% - 30%, while our patented technology dissolves more than 85%. This reduces the consumption of oxygen significantly (up to 60%) and is very cost and energy effective.

Our technology is user friendly and very reliable – there are no moving parts in our nanobubble generator. It is space saving and easy to install. Nanobubbles are added by leading part of the intake water flow through our nanobubble generator and then redirect the oxygenated water into the fish pen or -tank. Our technology is easy to customize to comply with the users wishes.

The benefits

Application areas for nanobubble technology in the Aquaculture industry

  • RAS facilities
  • Sea based aquaculture
  • Sea lice prevention and treatment
  • Buble curtain against algae flowering
  • Closed fish pens
  • Seabed sanitation
  • Well boats
  • Fish processing facilities

Documented advantages using our nano technology

  • Decreased feed conversion ratio (FCR)
  • Optimal oxygen level in the whole water column
  • Increased growth rate (up to 20% better growth rate)
  • Better fish health and -welfare
  • Reduced use of UV- treatment

Fun facts:

  • 1 ml of water can contain 1 billion nanobubbles
  • 1 microbubble which is visible for the human eye contains 62 millions nanobubbles
  • 1 nanobubble is significantly smaller than a bacteria
  • 1 nanobubble is 2500 times smaller than a single grain of salt

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