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Increasing fish farm productivity worldwide

Scan Aqua delivers advanced nanobubble oxygenation technology by Moleaer, integrated engineering services and world-wide field support, leading to improved productivity, better water quality and fish welfare.

Best oxygen transfer technology

Our Moleaer nanobubble technology yield oxygen transfer rates above the 86% mark, which will significantly reduce your oxygen- and energy consumption. This will help to improve feed conversion rates (FCR) and reduce delice treatments, thus reducing operational costs.

Improved water quality and fish welfare

Nanobubbles remain suspended and disperse to deliver gas throughout the water column increasing oxygen availability. They also remain stable in the liquid until they interact with surfaces surfaces or contaminants, thus minimizing pathogens. This results in less disease, improved water quality, and fish welfare.


Higher dissolved oxygen (DO) levels, lead to improved feed conversion rates (FCR) and enhance fish welfare, helping maximize your productivity.

What are nanobubbles?

Discover the unique scientific properties and industrial benefits of these tiny bubbles

Nanobubbles are 70-120 nanometers in size, 2500 times smaller than a single grain of salt. They can be formed using any gas and injected into any liquid. Due to their size and structure, nanobubbles possess distinct properties that make them particularly effective at improving water quality, enhancing water treatment processes, and improving productivity in industrial and agricultural applications.


Moleaer's patented technology injects trillions of nano-sized gas bubbles or nanobubbles into liquid to deliver best-in-class gas-to-liquid transfer.

Who We Are

Scan Aqua is a global provider of advanced solutions and services to the aquaculture industry, headquartered in Stavanger, Norway. Through advanced engineering, design and our patented nanobubble technology, our team can help you achieve extraordinary improvements to your sustainability and productivity.

Scan Aqua is at the forefront, providing engineering solutions for advanced oxygenation systems for both sea- and land-based aquaculture applications. These solutions will provide increased productivity and sustainability through:

  • High gas transfer rates and oxygenation stability at all depths
  • Reduction in oxygen costs
  • Higher density farming
  • Improved fish growth
  • Reduced mortality and improved fish welfare
  • Improved feed conversion rates (FCR)
  • Improved, chemical free, water quality

We are ready to discuss your oxygenation challenges and harness the power of our Nanobubble solutions.

What We Deliver


ScanOxy™ is the most power efficient oxygen generator in todays market. Our compressors are in average 5% cheaper in operation cost than competitors.

Why ScanOxy™

  • The most power efficient oxygen generator in the marked
  • Significantly more profitable compared to purchase and delivery of oxygen at the location
  • Stabil oxygen availability 24/7, regardless of weather and driving conditions
  • Adaptable for your need for placing and oxygen consumption
  • Advanced, but easy to operate control system
  • Easy installation
  • Minimum of maintenance
  • Very low OPEX (operating expenses) compared to cylinders or liquid gas

We tailor make the solution you need.

Oxygenation & Aeration

Oxygenation and aeration is a critical factor in sustainable and efficient operations in both sea- and land based fish farming.

Scan Aqua´s parent company Scan Tech has for more than 20 years provided inhouse design and production of compressors and oxygen generators. This gives us control over each factor in the process to deliver the best solution possible to our customers.

We can help increase fish farms´ production efficiency and reduce fish mortality through advanced oxygenation management.

Tailor made system by
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The AquaCool™ replaces traditional PHE (plate heat exchanger) coolers with the following benefits:

  • Highly effective heat transfer with very few parts which also makes it ease to clean within one manhour.
  • It allows two lines, so you can remove one side for cleaning, while the other one still runs.
  • Biofouling in heaters is a well known challenge, the AquaCool does not allow biofouling to build.
  • The AquaCool™ is scalable and can be customized to any demand.
  • AquaCool™ has the best heat exchange rate - combined with the lowest maintenance cost - of any coolers in today´s market.

Lifting Technology

Scan Tech AS, is a leading Norwegian provider of engineering, design, production and offshore services to the energy sector. With its head quarters in Stavanger, Scan Tech’s Crane & Lifting Division produces innovative and sustainable solutions for our clients´ challenging projects, be it within Oil & Gas, Offshore Wind or the Maritime sector.

With more than 25 years’ experience, the company has successfully engineered and delivered in excess of 300 projects on the Norwegian Continental Shelf, from subsea tie-in operations to complete offshore material handling packages.

Anchoring and
Seabed Restoration

Scan Aqua provides a range of high quality marine anchor solutions, chains, ropes and fittings to suit fish farm operations. Our reliable and high quality anchors are certified by all major class societies and extensively used by our global marine customer base. Scan Aqua can also provide a full range of fixed and floating fender solutions together with marine protection barriers. We can also design quayside solutions for specific applications.

Bubble Curtains

This solution was originally designed for sound protection. By utilizing this to creating a dual wall with small air bubbles, we can protect the fish farm from algae. The system is designed to be flexible to different size requirements, from single- to multiple fish pens, with a fixed subsurface system, with air supply from the surface.


  • Protection from algae, pollutants and noise.
  • Providing oxygen rich water for deeper layers.
  • Ice-free areas.
  • Not a replacement for oxygenation in closed or semi-closed cages

General Engineering

Since 1995 Scan Aqua together with Scan Tech have developed an engineering team within the design of advanced gass management and aeration systems tailored to our customers complex requirement across the globe.

Our philosophy is to use our vast experience and competance within the specific field to develop innovative safe sustainable economic solutions for our clients.

Key competences are

  • Design & engineering
  • Project & risk management
  • Fabrication & production
  • Installation & service
  • Certification

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